David Searfoss – Trumpet

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Associate Principal Trumpet

I am of the belief that the type of sound you want is formed in your brain. After listening for countless hours to great trumpet players I have come up what I believe is “my sound” and I feel that it is unique and easily identifiable to the discerning ear.

Keeping that in mind, the Bach Stradivarius trumpet enables me to produce that sound with ease, gives me the ability to adjust to various pitches that other players lock into without sacrificing my sound and allows me to have the best technique possible. I am sure that my sound would be similar on an inferior instrument but not the “real thing” and unlike the Strad will not keep it’s great tone quality when playing at a forte or fortissimo dynamic.

The Bach Stradivarius was made by Vincent Bach and was a kind of copy of the French “Besson” which was popular in the early 20th century. Mr. Bach built the “Strad” in New York City by hand. Later a small manufacturing plant was in Mt. Vernon New York and finally the company moved to Elkhart, Indiana where they began to produce the instruments to sell to a wider market. The company was eventually bought out by the Selmer company and remained in Elkhart. The production was stepped up due to demand, and in my opinion the quality of the instrument diminished.